1. PSA: Flash is officially dead, but you can still play flash games and animations offline!

    Simply download the official Flash Player projector, launch the projector,
    then enter the URL of the SWF file that you want to play in the projector.

    For instance, to play Banned from Equestria (18+), enter the following URL in the projector:

    Important: Only load flash content from sources that you trust!

  2. I've had to deactivate Cloudflare Argo for the site, it was really great (usually at least 50% faster for origin pulls in my case) but it's simply too expensive for me due to rising bandwidth costs and my still very meager financial means. Unfortunately this means that the site will be a bit slower from now on, although I wonder how many would have noticed if I hadn't mentioned it (and I'm not sure many people will be able to discern the difference even then).

    In unrelated news, I deleted my experimental stupid tumblr because there was no point, especially after the stupid porn ban (which hadn't affected me yet but which would make any further investment in the site incredibly stupid).

  3. Pokéhidden fans rejoice! I made a high-quality archive of his former site from 2015. I have personally ensured that every single image, animation and game loads properly, and I've added hints about broken external links, etc. Fast, reliable, permanent. Enjoy!

    (Contains lots of pony stuff but also lots of non-pony (furry) stuff, which is why it's under but not under

    (edit: Previously announced on twitter.)