1. I've had to deactivate Cloudflare Argo for the site, it was really great (usually at least 50% faster for origin pulls in my case) but it's simply too expensive for me due to rising bandwidth costs and my still very meager financial means. Unfortunately this means that the site will be a bit slower from now on, although I wonder how many would have noticed if I hadn't mentioned it (and I'm not sure many people will be able to discern the difference even then).

    In unrelated news, I deleted my experimental stupid tumblr because there was no point, especially after the stupid porn ban (which hadn't affected me yet but which would make any further investment in the site incredibly stupid).

  2. Thank you very much to Joey/Derpibooru for unbanning me!
    (Typo: "this around" should have been "this time around". 😅)

    I'm very glad and grateful this "1000 years ban" situation is finally over, after 7 months.

    As a first demonstration of goodwill after my unban, I'm removing the prominent "Derpibooru deletion process" thumbnail and marking the "Derpibooru ban saga" news entries as "historical". (I don't think it would be appropriate to delete them outright at this time; I'll probably relocate that stuff somewhere else at some point.)

    (edit: Also posted on twitter.)

  3. [historical]

    I'm finally publishing a follow-up discussion I've had with about my completely unwarranted (and ongoing) 1000 years ban. At some point, it seemed like they were maybe going to come to their senses, but then they suddenly dropped into a coma and I haven't heard back. I can't really do anything about this right now, but I thought I'd provide the additional context.

    (That first reply to Joey is slightly unfortunate, I wish I had just saved the transcript before getting banned instead. My informal recounting really can't quite capture the actual hilarity of what happened. Ah well...)

    (edit, 21 april 2019: I finally decided to tweet about this one due to recent activity (RTs).)

  4. [historical]

    On 14 october 2018 at 23:35 I got banned from Derpibooru for 1000 years (by a cowardly little shit lurking in the shadows) for suggesting that the Derpibooru team should treat their users with respect. Apparently, I was "being retarded" for suggesting this notion, which is "too cringy even for derpi".

    Additionally, I was immediately banned from the Derpibooru Discord when I refused Joey's bribe offering to reduce my 1000 years ban to 24 hours if I accepted to drop my entirely legitimate complaints about my 2 abusively deleted uploads. (A patently obscene and corrupt way to try to deal with the situation given that I completely debunked all arguments for the deletion of my first image, leading Derpibooru site admin/developer byte[] to admit that it broke no rules. (Sorry if this causes you any trouble, byte[], thanks for being apparently the only sane person on the Derpibooru team.))

    edit: Also posted on twitter.

  5. Pokéhidden fans rejoice! I made a high-quality archive of his former site from 2015. I have personally ensured that every single image, animation and game loads properly, and I've added hints about broken external links, etc. Fast, reliable, permanent. Enjoy!

    (Contains lots of pony stuff but also lots of non-pony (furry) stuff, which is why it's under but not under

    (edit: Previously announced on twitter.)