1. 3 months ago, on 30 june 2019 at 20:26 I again got banned from Derpibooru for 1000 years by TheSmilingPony the cowardly out-of-control PSYCHOPATH, for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. (As expected, the ban "reason" is again completely invalid, as explained therein.)

    I did not immediately make this second completely unwarranted 1000 years ban publicly known because I wanted to try to resolve this amicably (at no cost to them), but of course they just cruelly fell into a coma and made me waste my time. Seriously, this has been a very emotionally-draining 3 months due to the self-imposed yet necessary per-month follow ups for proper escalation while waiting for an unlikely response (which never came). But I'm still glad I went out of my way to give them ample and excessive opportunity to fix their mistake, as their utter hopelessness and corruption are now again laid bare. (Except for byte[], who I seem to understand is the only sane person at the higher levels of the Derpibooru team, but since he routinely gets casually overridden, what's the point? From the very beginning I had assumed that emails sent to ops@derpibooru.org do get forwarded to him also, but frankly, I'm not sure anymore, maybe only TheSmilingPony the cowardly psychopath and Joey get these emails.)

    So! Let's expose some fun psychopathic Derpibooru secrets!
    Let's talk about the deletion scam, the rules scam and the staff scam.

    Deletion scam: In their FAQ, under "Why was my upload deleted?", they say If you feel your upload was taken down in error, please don’t re-upload it – contact us and we’ll talk! We’re only human and mistakes do happen. and similarly, on deleted image pages they say If you originally uploaded the file previously located here, please don't re-upload it - contact us if you feel this was in error and we'll talk! We're only human, and mistakes happen.

    THIS IS A SCAM!!! As is plainly obvious from the way my detailed and sustained appeal about my undeniably wrongfully deleted image was handled, they (apparently, all Derpibooru staff except byte[]) violently don't care about acknowledging or correcting mistakes and will systematically uphold even the most egregious and blatant mistakes no matter what. If image deletions are virtually never reverted and they know it, then it is a gross and willful misrepresentation for them to say contact us and we’ll talk!. Hence, a scam.

    Their deleted image pages should say something honest instead, like: "If you originally uploaded this image, sucks to be you! The deletion will not be reverted no matter what, so please don't waste your and our time complaining about it."

    Rules scam: The rules page really ought to be called "Guidelines for users" instead, as it has been demonstrated time and again that the rules don't in any way apply to the staff (especially Rule 0, supposedly the most important rule), and that they basically commit any arbitrary abuse completely unrelated to the rules or facts and logic and that's that and there's nothing you can do about it. To this day, they're still saying that this image that they deleted is completely unrelated to MLP:FiM, for clop's sake. I can't imagine a more eloquent proof of insanity.

    It's thus no wonder that they refuse to implement any sort of accountability regarding moderation actions. Who would want to have their name attached to such completely illogical and indefensible decisions? Abusing users from the shadows is much more convenient and comfortable.

    Staff scam: Lastly, let's have a look at the staff page, more specifically the admins. It's also useful to compare with the most recent archived version from January 2017. Note that in that version, only Carcer and TheSmilingPony/TheFrowningPony are admins, while byte[] and Blossomforth (and Joey) are still only moderators.

    So, my understanding is, TheSmilingPony/TheFrowningPony is the only one with actual power to call the shots while the ~50 other staff listed on the page are "mere volunteers" who help out to various degrees but have virtually no decision power. And I am quite sure that TheSmilingPony is the one who banned me (directly or indirectly) for 1000 years for no reason, both times. Also note that we really have no idea what the titles even mean, as the powers and responsibilities of each are not listed.

    So, let's have a look at the admin section of the current staff page. TheSmilingPony has all the power. Carcer was part of the original team that designed, deployed and administrated derpi but as of January 2018 burnt out years ago and [hasn't] been active on the site in any sense for ages. Meanwhile, byte[] and Blossomforth are relatively new admins, and byte[], despite clearly being the most important asset to the site, says he keeps getting overridden (presumably by TheSmilingPony). I don't know much about Blossomforth but as previously stated, she was "just" a moderator a few years ago, so it's hard to imagine that she holds as much or more sway than byte[] himself. So that's the admin team.

    For some reason, Joey is listed only as part of the technical team instead of as an admin, while he clearly has admin or admin-like powers. He's an admin on the Derpibooru Discord (and he has the "Site Administrator" role there), and he has read/write access to ops@derpibooru.org. I pointed out the discrepancy to ops@derpibooru.org months ago and this is still not fixed. To me this further illustrates the uselessness of the staff page.

    So yeah. Writing a well-thought-out conclusion would be great, but I am running out of time and of energy, and I have important programming stuff to do. To conclude, Derpibooru is by far the best pony image site on the technical and usability levels and is effectively a monopoly with no real competition, but it's all going to shit because of the corruption problem, which I suggest should be fixed urgently. I leave you on this hilarious quote from Carcer: I am part of the original team that designed, deployed and administrated derpi. [...] admin/mod policy has diverged a lot from the vision I had when we started. Yeah, no shit.

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  2. Thank you very much to Joey/Derpibooru for unbanning me!
    (Typo: "this around" should have been "this time around". 😅)

    I'm very glad and grateful this "1000 years ban" situation is finally over, after 7 months.

    As a first demonstration of goodwill after my unban, I'm removing the prominent "Derpibooru deletion process" thumbnail and marking the "Derpibooru ban saga" news entries as "historical". (I don't think it would be appropriate to delete them outright at this time; I'll probably relocate that stuff somewhere else at some point.)

    (edit: Also posted on twitter.)

  3. I'm finally publishing a follow-up discussion I've had with ops@derpibooru.org about my completely unwarranted (and ongoing) 1000 years ban. At some point, it seemed like they were maybe going to come to their senses, but then they suddenly dropped into a coma and I haven't heard back. I can't really do anything about this right now, but I thought I'd provide the additional context.

    (That first reply to Joey is slightly unfortunate, I wish I had just saved the transcript before getting banned instead. My informal recounting really can't quite capture the actual hilarity of what happened. Ah well...)

    (edit, 21 april 2019: I finally decided to tweet about this one due to recent activity (RTs).)

  4. On 14 october 2018 at 23:35 I got banned from Derpibooru for 1000 years (by a cowardly little shit lurking in the shadows) for suggesting that the Derpibooru team should treat their users with respect. Apparently, I was "being retarded" for suggesting this notion, which is "too cringy even for derpi".

    Additionally, I was immediately banned from the Derpibooru Discord when I refused Joey's bribe offering to reduce my 1000 years ban to 24 hours if I accepted to drop my entirely legitimate complaints about my 2 abusively deleted uploads. (A patently obscene and corrupt way to try to deal with the situation given that I completely debunked all arguments for the deletion of my first image, leading Derpibooru site admin/developer byte[] to admit that it broke no rules. (Sorry if this causes you any trouble, byte[], thanks for being apparently the only sane person on the Derpibooru team.))

    edit: Also posted on twitter.